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Friday, 12 January 2018

2. Existing adverts/campaigns I have researched and how these have influenced my ideas.

During my research I have seen many adverts that have inspired me. Shown below are many that have directly influenced my ideas and how they have done so.

Below is a mood board showing my initial research and ideas surrounding my production.

The following advert for Go Fresh deodorant by Dove influenced the layout of my production. This has influenced my positioning of the pack shot, slogan, copy, and brand logo.

The following advert for  brand Burberry has influenced my ideas for smart casual costumes and London location, which allows my adverts to contain generic hybridity as inspiration has been drawn from an advert for a high fashion brand rather than for deodorants.

My London location has also been inspired by adverts for Burberry fragrance Burberry London.

The following adverts for films The Breakfast Club, Titanic, Pretty Woman and Grease have influenced my production by involving the poses I am using. This provides my production with intertextuality reflecting the location of the adverts in Total Film magazine as well as generic hybridity as the poses have been used in film adverts and this is not often found in deodorant advertising.

These are the campaigns that have inspired my own production and how I plan to use these ideas.

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