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Thursday, 11 January 2018

1. How I intend to fulfill the requirements of the brief I have chosen.

I have chosen to follow the print brief. I have done lots of research surrounding print advertising and this is my campaign proposal and how it fits within the guidelines of the brief.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the brief I must:

  • create four full-page magazine adverts for a new unisex deodorant for a 16-25 male and female demographic
  • which should reflect the location of Total Film magazine
  • should be called Wave with a active, youthful brand identity
  • should use the same slogan
  • should contain four different main images
  • should use at least two different settings
  • should involve at least two characters representing at least two different social groups 
  • should feature original material only
  • should follow the conventions of magazine adverts, through the photos, text graphics, typography, overall design and layout
  • should clearly identify the product
  • should reflect the content of Total film magazine and each advert should be suitable for different issues of the magazine 
  • should adhere to ASA rules 
  • should include intertextuality
  • should make use of generic hybridity
  • should include emotional appeal
These are my mock-ups for my four full-page magazine adverts.

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