Tuesday, 16 January 2018

5. What I have learnt about the representation of events, issues, individuals and social groups in television, radio or print adverts and how I intend to demonstrate this knowledge and understanding in my production in order to communicate meaning successfully.

During my research, I have learnt lots about how representations are created and used in print advertising. Below are existing adverts and  details on how they have created representations of youth, gender, ethnicity and sexuality, along with plans on how I will explore representations in my own production.

The print advert for unisex scent CK2 have represented youth as being adventurous and sexual driven, gender as having a strong divide between masculine and feminine traits and sexuality as being a normal thing that ought to be explored. The product has a target audience of youth aged 16-25 of both genders.
Axe Anarchy
The print advert for Axe Anarchy, which comes for him and for her, have represented youth as being very sexually driven and gender as having clear role for men and women. The product has a target audience of youth aged 16-25 of both genders.

In my own production I wish to explore representations of youth, gender and ethnicity in a positive way that is appealing to my target audience of youth aged 16-25 of both genders. To do this my advert will feature both a male and a female model both around the age of 17. Only one of my models will be white, with the other being of a different ethnicity. They will be engaged in fun and active activities and there will be an element of attraction shown between them. 

Using what I have learnt form the adverts surrounding representation in print advertising surrounding youth, gender, ethnicity and sexuality, I have decided to explore the representations of youth, gender and ethnicity in a way that will appeal to my target audience in my own production. 

Sunday, 14 January 2018

6. What I have learnt about the ASA rules in relation to television, print or radio advertising and how I intend to use this knowledge and understanding, to ensure my production is appropriate to the media industry context of the set brief I have chosen.

During my research, I have learnt loads about the rules applied to print advertising by ASA. I plan to apply this to my own production by avoiding any breaking of the rules and regulation.

The ASA website can be found at the following address; https://www.asa.org.uk

Here is a list of rules relevant to my production that I will have to follow:

  • 1.1 Marketing communications should be legal, decent, honest and truthful.
  • 2.1 Marketing communications must be obviously identifiable as such.
  • 4.2 Marketing communications must not cause fear or distress without justifiable reason; if it can be justified, the fear or distress should not be excessive. Marketers must not use a shocking claim or image merely to attract attention.
  • 4.4 Marketing communications must contain nothing that is likely to condone or encourage violence or anti-social behaviour.
  • 4.8 Marketing communications must not portray or represent anyone who is, or seems to be, under 18 in a sexual way.
  • 8.4 Alcoholic drinks must not feature in promotions directed at people under 18. 
Advertisements are not removed from a platform unless they have been complained about by the public. To avoid offending the public my print advertisement will not include;
  • smoking (as it could be seen to encourage smoking)
  • alcohol
  • violence 
  • nudity
  • swearing 
  • overt sexual behaviour
The following magazine advert was taken down for being likely to cause serious offence. 

This advert for perfume 'Oh Lola!" by Marc Jacobs was shown in London Evening Standard's ES magazine and the Sunday Times Style magazine. It was banned by the ASA after it received several complaints.It was said to be irresponsible and likely to cause serious offence due to:

  • the sexually provocative positioning of the bottle on the model's lap resting between her thighs.
  • the length of the dress, leg shown and position of bottle drawing attention to the model's sexuality.
  • the youthful appearance of the model, 17 year old Dakota Fanning, could be seen to be sexualising a child. 

The following ad is considered to be acceptable and unlikely to cause serious offence.

I plan to follow the ASA guidelines I have outlined in this post in my own production to avoid causing offence and to decrease the chance of my print advert being removed as the Marc Jacobs print advert was. 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Homeland Continuity Task

1. What was your role in the task and what did you actually do?

My role in the task during planning was to create a story board and shot list, which involved deciding on the shots we were going to take, how they were going to be framed and considering the placement of camera once on set. During the shoot I helped to arrange the set before hand and was then on camera and sound for the duration of the shoot. This involved framing the shots, controlling any camera movement and ensuring that the audio was clear.

2. What factors did you have to take into account when planning, filming and editing?

When planning we had to make sure that our ideas were achievable, by making sure that we could film everything in the given time and decided how we would arrange the set for filming and how this would effect camera placement. During filming, we had to consider the camera placement to ensure we didn't break the 180-degree rule. We had to ensure that we were not filming when the bell ran, to avoid the noise of the bell and the movement of people after it. We had to ensure the action in our CU and OTS shots was as similar as possible to the action in the master shot. During editing, we had to ensure our editing was smooth to achieve continuity by carefully considering what shots to use, keeping up the pace of the clip by using a variety of shot types and correctly bridging sound.

3. How successful was your sequence? Did you manage to demonstrate match-on-action, shot-reverse-shot and 180-degree rule? Did you achieve continuity overall?

I think my sequence was quite successful as I managed to match-on-action successfully in my edit, as seen when Oliver walks through the door. During filming we kept to the 180-degree rule. Shot-reverse-shot was used successfully to add suspense and conflict to the interrogation scene. Overall I achieved continuity, however differences in lighting throughout the scene takes from this slightly.

4. What have you learnt from completing this task?

From completing this task I have learnt the importance of continuity in film and how to achieve this both in filming and editing. I have also learnt the importance of ensuring that the lighting on a set is correct and the same throughout a scene to improve its continuity.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

News Task

Front page





1. Explain your role/responsibility within the team and the task. What were you required to do?
I worked in the group working on the paper's front page with Cherish and Oliver. I had to plan the layout of the cover and  and helped with the choice of articles, deciding on the language we choose to use on the front cover, correctly sizing our images before printing and assembling the final piece.

2. For one media form, describe the codes and conventions you chose to follow and explain their intended impact.

On the front page, we created a headline in a large, clear font reading 'diabolical Davis agrees Shoddy Brexit deal', which will immediately catch the reader's eye. The use of alliteration in this headline as well as in secondary story on the 'frozen finger fiasco', is catchy and intriguing and in the second article comedic, which will appeal to the target audiences as it gratifies their need to both be informed and entertained, as well as reflecting their own views on Brexit. The puff showing the availability of a half price voucher for a Christmas pudding from supermarket Tesco, will tempt the reader to buy the paper as they will also benefit from the purchase and will save money, which may be useful to the readers, the majority of whom are of a lower socioeconomic grade. the choice of the article on Meghan and Harry's wedding will appeal to the women of the paper's target audience, due to the focus of celebrity. Appealing to this group is important as the number of women reading is lower than the number of men reading. The language in the caption of the main story 'confused' will appeal to the reader's as it reflects their confusion and their distrust of the politicians handling Brexit.

3. Explain how your choices reflect the real newspaper's values and target audience.

The choice of the Brexit deal as our main story highlights the desire of the target audience to discover more about Brexit as it is very important to their lives. The choice of the image of a confused looking Davis as the splash and alliterative language in 'diabolical Davis' reflects the angle taken by The Daily Mirror as they are very anti-Brexit, as are the majority of their readers. The secondary story on the 'frozen finger fiasco' is relevant to the target audience who are mostly from lower socioeconomic grades and will therefore find an article on supermarket frozen food relevant in their lives.

4. Explain how your team adapted the news across the three different media forms and the reasons behind your decisions. 

Our team adapted the news across the media forms by changing the main story to reflect the users of each platform and allow them to view the stories that would interest them. The main headline of the front page was on Brexit which would appeal to the anti-Brexit readers who read the print, who are often 35+. However, on the website and Facebook the main story was on the terrorist attack in Iraq, which would be a breaking story and would interest the younger readership. On Twitter, the main story was on Trump, who is a very high profile figure on twitter and is also story that can be easily put across using twitter character limit. On Instagram, the main story was Megan and Harry's wedding, which would appeal to the audience who would prefer news of a less serious nature. This topic also allows for plenty of comments and interactivity, engaging the viewer.

5. In hindsight, is there anything about your team's outcomes that you would adapt or improve?

In hindsight, I would ensure that the same font was used across the different platforms to make them more uniform and give a sense of brand identity. I would also try to give articles similar headlines across the platforms to achieve this. I would also be change the sizing slightly to ensure they properly fit within the template on the website and Facebook page.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gameplay video for Youtube

1. How you did it (for example, what videos did you look at, what technology did you use and how)?

For inspiration for my video, I watched videos by DanTDM and Captain Sparklez, two popular gaming YouTubers, to decide the layout and features of my gameplay video. I also researched the game's terminology to make my video as accurate as possible. I loosely scripted my video, to allow myself to sound natural and as if i was reacting to the events in real time and then filmed myself whilst watching the video with an iPad. I then used iMovie to place myself into the corner of the video and adjust the sound.

2. How your video might attract the attention of Mojang and/or Microsoft, and how it might influence them.

The popularity of gaming videos on YouTube like mine may attract the attention of Mojang and/or Microsoft. It may influence them as it could be used as another platform with which to advertise the game, with the use of links in description beneath the video. It also allows them to create a strong sense of community between Minecraft fans that they are strongly involved in, if they create a bond with the YouTuber. They could also give the companies feedback on how they could improve the game for users.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Celebrity Magazine Cover

1   1. Summarise the music celebrity you have created.  Include name, music genre, personality and how they are being used to comment on contemporary celebrity.
      The celebrity I have created is a pop singer called Alice Casey. She is a stylish and innovative character with a love of creating music. She is honest and open and this is being used to comment of the intrusion into contemporary celebrities lives and how this can damage or further an artists career, while also distracting audiences from the artists talents. 
     2. Evaluate how you have constructed the representation of your celebrity through your cover image and cover headline/text.

      The direct address of the audience achieved by the model looking directly into the camera creates a sense of intimacy between the artist and the audience, making the artist appear as though they want to be open and direct with the audience. The choice of a MLS shows the artists pose and costume, which represent the artist as a star, highlighting their celebrity status that the audience wish to hear about. The cover title represents the star as a celebrity with a high status, while also highlighting the scrutiny the contemporary celebrity undergoes. The editorial summary represents the artist as a creator who cares very much about her music, even with many people focusing more on her life as a celebrity. 

      3Analyse how far you have used and/or challenged stereotypes of gender/race/age/sexuality in your cover.  
      I have used stereotypes of gender to show the artist as stylish, feminine and surrounded and concerned by the media and people's attention through the use of costume, pose and cover title, giving the audience what they expect. However, I have also slightly broken away from the gender and age stereotypes of a thirst and care for fame and people's attention, to show the artist as being more concerned with their own creative output, through the use of the editorial summary.

     4. Reflect on the production/editing process.  Are you pleased with the end result?

Identify what is successful about your shot?  What would you have done differently in hindsight?

I am pleased with the end result of my celebrity magazine cover. The successful parts of my shot are the effective use of make up and costume to create the character and the effective high key lighting to highlight the characters face. i feel that the colour schemes is cool but striking and that I have use the text to clearly highlight my message on the contemporary celebrity. In hindsight, I would have experimented with more interesting poses during the shot, which may have allowed me to convey my message more effectively and allowed me to position my text in a more effective way. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Video Games and Me

I play video games at home on my own, occasionally on weekends and in the evening, however I play very often in the holidays. I mostly use a Nintendo 3DS, playing games like Supermario, MarioKart, Pokemon and the Lego Games (currently The Lord of the Rings). I occasionally play MarioKart on the Wii if I am with friends. In the past I have played similar games on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 64. I play if I am bored and need something to do, as it is fun and engaging.