Sunday, 25 March 2018

13. Closing Post

Dear Moderator,
You will find my research and planning work under the AS Research and Planning label, found on the right hand side. I hope you enjoy reading.
This blog is now closed.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

11. Production Review: My Production and my intended improvements

Below are my four print adverts and a list of ways in which I will improve them.

Advert 1

Advert 2
Advert 3

Advert 4

Improvements from Mrs Blackborow, teacher, that took place on 13/03/18
  • Rearrange bottom banner, so no space is left and the text doesn't appear squashed. I will change the layout of the text and pack shot to improve this. 
  • The position of the UK Deodorants logo will be moved so that it is clear and does not obstruct parts of the background image.
  • The clothes appear too dark, so the clothes will be made lighter to stop the models blending together.
  • In my first advert the models will be moved up slightly, so the focal image isn't cut strangely.
Improvements from Mrs Dymioti, teacher, that took place on 20/03/18
  • In my third advert, the bottom of the phone boxes will be touched up. 
  • Anchorage of the film pose to the product will be made, through use of hashtags.
Improvements from Sam Burton, technician, that took place on 16/03/18
  • The models will be graded appropriately to match the backgrounds.
  • The white edges on some models will be removed.
  • The model's hair will be smoothed out. 
Improvements from Morgan Armstrong, target audience, that took place on 20/03/18
  • The intertextual links, through the film poses, should be strengthened and made more obvious. Hashtags linking to the film will be used to make the poses more obviously linked to the film posters. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

10. My planning evidence.

Here is all of the planning that I have completed to aid my production.

Location report- with a list of locations and the issues surrounding parts of my production taking place there, to ensure that the area is suitable for photography, will give my production the desired look and to aid with my creation of a risk assessment and top-down plan.

Risk assessment- with all risks that people or kit may encounter while shooting and how to prevent this. This will ensure that everyone is safe and that no kit is damaged. 
Mock-ups- with my productions desired layout. This will help ensure that the advert is effectively formatted and will provide guidance in the final stages of production.

 Shot list- with a list of the shots being taken with details on when, where and who. This will allow me to be organised and work efficiently on the days I am shooting.

Top-down plan- with the layout of the site. This will allow me to decide an effective position for both the kit and the models.

Cast list including costume, hair and make-up references and a shoot schedule- with the cast and the dates they will be modelling, along with the costume and make-up required for each shot. This will allow me to keep track of my cast and their roles in the production.This will mean that my production is organised and ensures that everything is ready for a shoot.

9. The practicalities of filming/recording/photographing: when and where production will take place and with who.

Below is my schedule for the shooting of my production.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

8.The planning I intend to complete in order to ensure a successful outcome for my production.

In order to ensure my production is successful, there is a series of planning stages which I must following. My planning stages are shown below.
  • Risk assessment- completed 05/02/18
  • Location report with location photos- completed 05/02/18
  • A cast and costume list with a shoot schedule- completed 07/02/18
  • A shot list- completed 04/02/18
  • A series of mock-ups- completed 30/01/18
  • Top-down plans- completed 05/02/18
This planning will allow me to be organised and prepared and will make the production simple and efficient.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018