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Friday, 8 December 2017

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gameplay video for Youtube

1. How you did it (for example, what videos did you look at, what technology did you use and how)?

For inspiration for my video, I watched videos by DanTDM and Captain Sparklez, two popular gaming YouTubers, to decide the layout and features of my gameplay video. I also researched the game's terminology to make my video as accurate as possible. I loosely scripted my video, to allow myself to sound natural and as if i was reacting to the events in real time and then filmed myself whilst watching the video with an iPad. I then used iMovie to place myself into the corner of the video and adjust the sound.

2. How your video might attract the attention of Mojang and/or Microsoft, and how it might influence them.

The popularity of gaming videos on YouTube like mine may attract the attention of Mojang and/or Microsoft. It may influence them as it could be used as another platform with which to advertise the game, with the use of links in description beneath the video. It also allows them to create a strong sense of community between Minecraft fans that they are strongly involved in, if they create a bond with the YouTuber. They could also give the companies feedback on how they could improve the game for users.

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  1. Really excellent answers to the questions, Abbie - well done for the thought and research you put into this task!