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Monday, 4 December 2017

Celebrity Magazine Cover

1   1. Summarise the music celebrity you have created.  Include name, music genre, personality and how they are being used to comment on contemporary celebrity.
      The celebrity I have created is a pop singer called Alice Casey. She is a stylish and innovative character with a love of creating music. She is honest and open and this is being used to comment of the intrusion into contemporary celebrities lives and how this can damage or further an artists career, while also distracting audiences from the artists talents. 
     2. Evaluate how you have constructed the representation of your celebrity through your cover image and cover headline/text.

      The direct address of the audience achieved by the model looking directly into the camera creates a sense of intimacy between the artist and the audience, making the artist appear as though they want to be open and direct with the audience. The choice of a MLS shows the artists pose and costume, which represent the artist as a star, highlighting their celebrity status that the audience wish to hear about. The cover title represents the star as a celebrity with a high status, while also highlighting the scrutiny the contemporary celebrity undergoes. The editorial summary represents the artist as a creator who cares very much about her music, even with many people focusing more on her life as a celebrity. 

      3Analyse how far you have used and/or challenged stereotypes of gender/race/age/sexuality in your cover.  
      I have used stereotypes of gender to show the artist as stylish, feminine and surrounded and concerned by the media and people's attention through the use of costume, pose and cover title, giving the audience what they expect. However, I have also slightly broken away from the gender and age stereotypes of a thirst and care for fame and people's attention, to show the artist as being more concerned with their own creative output, through the use of the editorial summary.

     4. Reflect on the production/editing process.  Are you pleased with the end result?

Identify what is successful about your shot?  What would you have done differently in hindsight?

I am pleased with the end result of my celebrity magazine cover. The successful parts of my shot are the effective use of make up and costume to create the character and the effective high key lighting to highlight the characters face. i feel that the colour schemes is cool but striking and that I have use the text to clearly highlight my message on the contemporary celebrity. In hindsight, I would have experimented with more interesting poses during the shot, which may have allowed me to convey my message more effectively and allowed me to position my text in a more effective way. 

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