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Monday, 6 November 2017

Current Music Video Analysis

Conventional Techniques in Music Videos 
'Good Grief' by Bastille

1)Use of CUs
    27 seconds into the video, a CU of the lead singers face is shown. This is a familiar face to the audience and highlights the involvement of the band with both the song and the video, which is very appealing to the fans of the band who expect to see the members in the video. 

2)Extreme Contrast in Shot Type
  Three minutes into the video the shot type changes form an ELS of a location to an MCU of a woman screaming. The effect of this jumpy cut allows the video to establish a fast pace and also supports the seemingly random message of the video, highlighting the ideas of the characters jumping between different locations. This appeals to the TA who enjoy the strange videos often accompanying Bastille's music, and wish to hunt for a meaning behind it.

3)Multiple Set-Ups
   The music video features a selection of different characters from different locations, who then begin to enter each others lives. For example there is a woman winning a game show introduced 17 seconds into the video a MS, with high-key lighting and some roller skaters introduced 33 seconds into the video. these seemingly random characters and their interactions, make little sense, which will encourage the viewer to watch the video agin in order to make sense of the video and find meaning. 

   One of the characters shown 11 seconds into the video is wearing a bright red jacket. this distinguishes him from the other characters and allows him to quickly change locations, whilst allowing the viewer to keep up with what is going on. it is away of helping the audience to keep up with the very fast pace, common in music videos.

5)Extreme Contrast in Camera Angle
9 seconds into the video there is a HA ELS zooming in on a man running through a field. This shot then cuts to a MS with no drastic angle, showing the man running towards the camera. this sudden change is common in mooch video and this particular change zooms the audience into the action and makes the feel more involved in the events of the video. 

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