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Friday, 10 November 2017

My Breakfast Show Segment

1. Did you fulfil all the content requirements; both in terms of including all the correct features and as well as the actual choices made.
We fulfilled all the content requirements, by including all of the details involved in the breakfast show, with the Celebrity Gamble being the main focus. We included jingles, talk between the host and phone-in guest and news reporter, the involvement of social media and musical tracks. Our choice of tracks, Taylor Swift- 'Look What You Made Me Do' and Sia- 'Cheap Thrills', reflects the music enjoyed by Radio One listeners.

2. Have you nailed the conventions and style of Nick Grimshaw and the Radio One Breakfast Show?
I believe we have come close to capturing the Breakfast Show's fast-paced and upbeat style. We have done this through our choice of tracks and our creation of piercing jingles, as well as our interactions between the host and phone-in contestant, which had a fun and conversational tone. There was the inclusions of light-hearted banter between the news reporter and the host often seen on the Breakfast Show and the reading of social media responses from the public, an important part of Radio One's Breakfast Show.

3. How well did you manage your running order/timings?
We managed our running order well, due to the use of a clear script, which we created in advance so everyone knew their cues. We also practiced our segment  before recording our final piece to ensure that we all knew what we were doing and how it would work best. We used iPads so that all our songs and jingles were ready before we began recording, which made it easier to record these in our segment.

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