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Monday, 25 September 2017

Trailer Analysis

La La Land 
Audience Appeal
The trailer would appeal to the audience due to the cast. Fans would be excited to see Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, if they had seen their previous films. The trailer also features John Legend, who plays a smaller character in the film, but who will greatly appeal to fans of his music. He is shown playing a guitar in a MS, which highlights to the audience that his musical skills will feature in the film, encouraging them to watch it. The trailer also mentions that the film was directed by the director of Whiplash, which will encourage audience members who have seen that film to watch La La Land. The romance and musical genres of the film will appeal to fans of these genres. The trailer also shows the many 5 star ratings the films has received, to highlight to the audience the popularity of the film, encouraging them to see it.

Genre Signifiers
The film La La Land combines the romance and musical genres. The romance genre is hown through the many shots of the main characters dancing together. The first interaction between the characters shown in the trailer, show the characters kiss in a restaurant in a MS, clearly highlighting the romance genre to the audience, and encouraging fans of this to see the film. This is also done with the musical genre, showing a large ensemble dance and a review claiming that the film is 'a musical masterpiece'.

Character and Representation
The lead characters played by Gosling and Stone are shown to be artists, who are struggling to find success. Stone's character is struggling to get an acting job, while Gosling's character has just been fired from his job. This creates a clear motivation from the characters, the audience know that they will be chasing both their dreams and each other. This situation will appeal to audience members who are struggling to achieve their dreams or secure a good job, leading them to sympathise with the characters and encourage them to see the film.

The brand the film is trying to create is that of a unusual new film, with a classic Hollywood musical feel. This is done through the upbeat, fast-paced music used throughout the trailer as well as the font used. this is further emphasised through the jobs of the characters and a review claiming that 'they don't make films like this anymore'. this will appeal to audience who want to see a different kind of film to what they usually see in the cinema, or to those who wish to recapture a sense of old Hollywood glamour.

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