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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

11. Production Review: My Production and my intended improvements

Below are my four print adverts and a list of ways in which I will improve them.

Advert 1

Advert 2
Advert 3

Advert 4

Improvements from Mrs Blackborow, teacher, that took place on 13/03/18
  • Rearrange bottom banner, so no space is left and the text doesn't appear squashed. I will change the layout of the text and pack shot to improve this. 
  • The position of the UK Deodorants logo will be moved so that it is clear and does not obstruct parts of the background image.
  • The clothes appear too dark, so the clothes will be made lighter to stop the models blending together.
  • In my first advert the models will be moved up slightly, so the focal image isn't cut strangely.
Improvements from Mrs Dymioti, teacher, that took place on 20/03/18
  • In my third advert, the bottom of the phone boxes will be touched up. 
  • Anchorage of the film pose to the product will be made, through use of hashtags.
Improvements from Sam Burton, technician, that took place on 16/03/18
  • The models will be graded appropriately to match the backgrounds.
  • The white edges on some models will be removed.
  • The model's hair will be smoothed out. 
Improvements from Morgan Armstrong, target audience, that took place on 20/03/18
  • The intertextual links, through the film poses, should be strengthened and made more obvious. Hashtags linking to the film will be used to make the poses more obviously linked to the film posters. 

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